Accenture, Washington DC

 June 2007 - current

Performance specialist on a number of projects. A custom forecast and budget module for Peoplesoft EPM 8.9. Proof of concept of RAC (Real Application Cluster) on Linux options for the forecast and budget application. Performance tuning of several production systems ( Financials/GL, AP, AR, … ).



Trimac, Calgary

 February 2006 - May 2007

Technical specialist for the upgrade of the Peoplesoft 8.4 SP2 Financials / Peopletools 8.45 system to Peopletools 8.47 and HR 8.3 / Peopletools 8.20 to HR 8.9 / Peopletools 8.47

Administer and monitor the Peoplesoft Internet Architecture (PIA - Tuxedo and Weblogic). Administer, monitor, and tune the production databases.



University of Calgary, Calgary

 October 2004 - January 2006

For details see the Employment link.



Bearingpoint, Boston

 May 2004 - November 2004

Performance tuning of Peoplesoft 8.4 project costing (PC) batch jobs, primarily application engine jobs. Due to the nature of the AE (Application Engine) programs, modifying the sql was often impossible and tuning therefore required advanced use of statistics.



Trimac, Calgary

 May 2003 - February 2004

Technical specialist for the upgrade of the Peoplesoft 7.52 Financials system to Peoplesoft 8.4 SP1 and Peopletools 8.42.08. Administer and monitor the Peoplesoft Internet Architecture (PIA - Tuxedo and Weblogic). Through database measures (Oracle) and improvements to both, the conversion process as well as individual sql, brought the time for the conversion of the 160GB database to within the allowable time window, 36 hours, to complete the upgrade on a weekend. The project completed on time and more than 20% under budget.



Petro-Canada, Calgary

August 1999 - May 2003

Administrator and technical architect for Peoplesoft, Oracle and PIA infrastructure (Tuxedo and Weblogic) for the upgrade of the Peoplesoft 7.5 Financials system to Peoplesoft 8.42 – completed April 15 2003 – in addition to ongoing support, administration, monitoring and tuning of the Peoplesoft Financials production as well as other databases and special projects in the financials business sector.

Peoplesoft, Oracle and Tuxedo administrator and technical architect for the project integrating special Oil and Gas accounting functionality, which had been running on mvs/ims, into the existing Peoplesoft 7.5 ap/gl system. Part of my responsibility was the upgrade from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8i with the mandate to maintain or improve the performance of existing jobs and reports crucial to the on-time generation of the monthly financial statements. Evaluated, recommended and used Loadrunner for performance and load testing for both the database and the Tuxedo server. The project came in on time, under budget, delivering excellent performance.

Optimized existing and developed new extraction and cleansing routines for the datawarehouse running on Oracle 8 and feeding into Hyperion Essbase data cubes. The source systems include the Peoplesoft 7.5 ap/gl system, other Oracle databases and Clipper (dbase) systems in remote sites. For data loading and cleansing Java and pl/sql routines were used.



City of Calgary, Calgary

September 2001 - March 2003

Troubleshoot, monitor and tune Peoplesoft, Oracle and the PIA (Tuxedo and Apache) of Supply chain 8 SP2 (IN, PO) in the final implementation stage and in production. In January 2002 the City’s Peoplesoft 7.5 HR and Financials system were included in the monitoring and tuning. Participated in early planning for the upgrade to Peoplesoft 8 of the HR and Financials systems.



IBM Canada, Vancouver / Planetclick Inc., Denver

January 2000 -April 2000

Provide remote DBA support to a project to redesign a web application and change the backend database from Sybase SQL Server to Oracle 8i Release 2 on Sun Solaris utilizing Intermedia Text indexes and advanced multi-master replication. Continue support to client during go-live phase.



IBM Canada, Vancouver

August 1998 - June 1999

Provide Oracle, DB2 and Peoplesoft Administration to a project developing a Web-based Student Adminstration system, accessing a Peoplesoft 7 Higher Education ( Student Administration) system.  Install and configure BEA Tuxedo on AIX and Windows NT.  Apply and migrate Peoplesoft fixes and development projects through the development -> test -> build environments.  Replicate and refresh development and test environments.  Troubleshoot problems during the build process.

The system uses Java and jdbc to read, and Peoplesoft Message Agents to update the data.  The environment consists of Netscape http server and IBM Websphere on both Windows NT and AIX, Peoplesoft 7 and 7.5 Student Administration on Windows 95/NT, and Oracle 8 on NT4 and AIX 4.2, and DB2 universal database 5.2 on NT4 and AIX 4.2.



ICG Propane, Calgary

December 1997 - July 1998

Upgrade of Peoplesoft Financials/Distribution 5 to 7.

Installation and configuration of 7.01 and 7.5 systems (AM, AP, AR, BI, GL, IN, OM, PC, PO).
Setup of demo and sys databases.
Installation and configuration of BEA Tuxedo on HP-UX and Windows NT.
Capacity and project planning for the Peoplesoft 5 to 7 upgrade.

The project was cancelled when ICG's parent, Petro-Canada, sold the subsidiary to a buyer with a different ERP system.

Perform Peoplesoft/Oracle Application DBA function.  Tune performance of the to-date 60G production database. Set up and use SQA Robot for repeatable performance benchmark scripts.  Develop MS Access queries to graph the results.  Create an application using Peopletools, Process Sceduler and Oracle stored procedures to dynamically create triggers to audit data corrections by analysts.



United Water Resources, New Jersey

November / December 1997

Assist in the implementation of the Peoplesoft Asset Management module.  Upgrade Peopletools 5.11 to 5.12 .  Performance tuning.  Develop change control procedures.  Train application DBA.



ISM Alberta, Calgary

August 1997 - November 1997

Tuning of a centralized price-book maintenance system for retail outlets.  The client was in the rollout phase and the performance of the initial price-book creation for new outlets was threatening the rollout plan.  Long term it was anticipated that the sales history upload will outgrow its batch window.



United Water Resources, New Jersey

June 1996 - June 1997

Implementation of .the “Integrated Financial Management System” consisting of most of the PeopleSoft Financials 5.11 modules in a Windows for Workgroups - Novell network - Oracle database environment.  Responsibilities included


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